Martin Salomonsson
Musician, composer and arranger.

Those Rainbows // new single

Single Release 18th of Aug 2020 on all platforms
co Mix Kristofer Göransson - Studio Zen Recordings.
Mastring, Hans Olsson at Svenska Grammofonstudion Göteborg, Sweden

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Change the water // new album

Change The Water is:
Life. Hope. Sorrow. Fiction. Reality. Separation. Lost Love. Bitterness. Frustration. Tragedy. Lies. Turbulence. Broken Hearts. Run Aways. Struggle. Infinite Love and more. Co Mix/Mastring: Hans Olsson Brookes -Svenska Grammofonstudion, Göteborg, Sweden

Release 2019 19/6 at Pustervik

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Behold // new single

Release of the next single Behold (Sept 3 2018) until the full album Change the Water will be released in autumn 2018. Behold is about humanity, friendship and the strong believe in humans. Performed and recorded by Martin Salomonsson (Song, Guitar, Keyboards, Vibes, Drums). Mixed/Mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes at Svenska grammofonstudion, Gothenburg in Sweden.


Change the water // new single

Listen to the new single "Change the water" – the first step towards an upcoming new album (to be released 2018) – or watch the music video.


Photo: Harald Nilsson

Photo: Harald Nilsson

Fall // album

Symfoniker gör stillsam pop. 3 stjärnor – GAFFA

1. Earth - Instrumental2.00
2. City of Love 5.23
3. I Can't get Caught 4.34
4. Same Old Thread 3.53
5. I've Been Gone 6.11
6. When I left the House 3.05
7. Little by Little 6.23
8. I Travel Alone 4.27
9. Find your Smile 5.37
10. Air - Instrumental0.51
11. You're the Only One 3.45
12. For the Reason 5.12
The album Fall was written, arranged and produced by Martin Salomonsson and released May 2013. Tracks 4, 8 & 11 were recorded together with the string quartet Max Wulfson & Sjöströmska. Buy through paypal (click botton below) or at Bengans. Stream from Spotify, eller ladda ned från Itunes mfl.

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